Temperatures are dropping, snow is starting to fall, and your patience for warm weather is wearing thin. It’s almost November and luckily this means that resorts are beginning to open and soon we’ll be able to count snowpants as part of our daily attire yet again. As the season begins to wind up and each morning we awake with more unbridled excitement to head to the hills, here at SNOWBOARDER we thought we would help get you through to opening day by collecting some of our favorite photos from years passed. Tease the Season to get ready to snowboard. For the next six weeks, as winter takes over resorts and chairlifts start to turn, we’ll drop a new gallery of images for you to check out and get stoked. First up, is a grouping of our favorite gifs shot by the SNOWBOARDER Senior Photographers.

How many times have you been watching a snowboard edit online, and you see a trick where you have to see it again? You click back a bit and it’s too far. You click forward and that’s too far, too. You click back again and now the video has to reload and you give up. Chances are, that’s a common occurrence if you are as intrigued as we are by how technical riders are these days. Have no fear though, .gifs give you the chance to re-watch those tricks that make you say “wait…what?” as many times as your heart desires.

This collection of .gifs, in my opinion, shows the ridiculous amount of board control every rider has.  Sometimes it’s that rider taking an approach to a spot you could never even fathom, and other times it’s pure style that blows minds. From Scotty Vine’s one foot 540, to Jed Anderson’s 50-50 up to boardslide down, these riders prove why they deserve to be amongst the best riders in the industry right now.

– Jeff Malin