There's a time in every snowboarder's life when he or she should live on the cheap, eat top Ramen, ride everyday, and be willing to experiment and get weird. There's no better time to achieve all of these life goals than when you are a shop employee. Shop employees put in the work, they have knowledge on all of the latest gear and tech, but most importantly, they are out in the field putting it to the test everyday. That's why for this year's Best of Test, we reached out to some of the most core brick and mortars including The Commission shops to find out what hardgoods they are standing behind in 2015. What we have complied is the best boards, boots and bindings according to the most important people in the industry: real snowboarders.

Without bindings, snowboards would just be sleds, and even though sleds are awesome, it's hard to jump onto a handrail or lay out a nipple-scraping Euro turn on one. Most of us mere mortal shredders need a good pair of bindings to keep us safely secured to our snowboards, so unless you're a maniac like Scott Stevens or Bode Merrill who seem to do just fine with only one, then you will want to check out these Commission-approved foot binders. – Matt Vanatta


Burton Genesis


Union Contact Pro


Union Super Force


Burton Cartel


Nitro Team

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