There’s a time in every snowboarder’s life when he or she should live on the cheap, eat top Ramen, ride everyday, and be willing to experiment and get weird. There’s no better time to achieve all of these life goals than when you are a shop employee. Shop employees put in the work, they have knowledge on all of the latest gear and tech, but most importantly, they are out in the field putting it to the test everyday. That’s why for this year’s Best of Test, we reached out to some of the most core brick and mortars including The Commission shops to find out what hardgoods they are standing behind in 2015. What we have complied is the best boards, boots and bindings according to the most important people in the industry: real snowboarders.

A lot of people are annoyed that they haven’t invented hoverboards yet, but those people have never laid it out in two feet of fresh. Snowboards have come a long way in the last few years and we have all kinds of camber options, asymmetrical boards, and new shapes that are making it essential to build a quiver. No matter what the conditions are or what type of terrain makes your mouth water, there is a stick that will enhance your pleasure. Here are the best boards of 2015, get ’em while they’re hot. – Matt Vanatta

Take home these decks:


CAPiTA Birds of a Feather


Burton Feelgood Flying V


Never Summer Infinity


Arbor Swoon


CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy

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