Ted Borland – Mind the Video Man full part

From ThinkThank:

Ted Borland is a talented dude who gives back to snowboarding in more ways than there are toppings on his signature Spedelli’s slice, that’s a lot of ways. Pushing the limits of urban freestyle through back-to-back-to-back-to-back hammer video parts is just one of the things that makes Ted a true-blue boarder for life.  When not strapped in, he’s strapped down to his laptop and edit studio, working on his next Bundyvision full movie installment (disc only, no internet) or exposing his up and coming homies in Lunch Ramp Gang edits or edits for his food service employers and buddies Cobra Dogs and Spedelli’s. Oh yeah, he cooks for snowboarders, too. On top of all that, Ted is the mayor of the mythical (temporarily defunct) Bone Zone. You know the place in the woods where Ted, AA Sameway, and a bunch of other boarders created one of the world’s sickest jib parks with nothing, not even permission. That place.

This part in Mind The Video Man represents another milestone for Mr. Borland. Smooth style, technical tricks and well rounded-ness that is often times rare in “jib” dudes. Ted actually isn’t a jibber, he’s a snowboarder. That’s true for a lot of jib kids, they just have to realize like Ted did. Then you’ll be having more fun at spots and riding everything in front of you as if you were, well, snowboarding. One of the things that stands out in this part to me is the backside 180 to switch nosepress on the drop rail in Alaska. That’s a really hard trick, I think he did it every try, or at least got close every try. He’s got it like that, don’t be tricked by the mellow smoothness, look closer, he’s just making the extremely difficult look easy. And the ender, first time ever? Anyways, enjoy Ted Borland from Mind The Video Man and check him out in Brain Dead Heart Attack. He got ender of Brain Dead, handled biz like only Big Smooth could. Buy the movie here.