words: Mary Walsh
photos: Mike Yoshida and Mary Walsh
captions: Pat Bridges

They say when it rains it pours, but along the 5,000 feet of elevation of Mt. Baker, it was dumping snow all day on Friday, the second round of qualifiers at the 30th Annual Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. In pure northwest fashion, the skies opened up and it was nuking. Folks who had already qualified for Sunday’s finals were afforded some extra time for pow laps and those dropping into the course were met again with low visibility, though the speed had increased significantly. Spectators who braved the storm watched intently from the sidelines as Josh Dirksen, Barrett Christy, Scott E. Wittlake, Austin Smith, Lucas Debari, Spencer O’Brien, Scotty Lago, Zak Hale, Wes Makepeace, and many, many more put their legs through the paces of this 43-turn banked behemoth.

By mid-afternoon, as the racers finished up and collected in the baselodge to wring out hats and remove mitts, the snow was still showing no sign of stopping. Tomorrow promises to be one for the books as the forecast is looking brighter and a special, 30th anniversary day has been included in the LBS proceedings. The legends–past winners, industry pros, and the like–will drop in on Saturday for their chance to take runs on Sunday. We’ll have the full recap tomorrow, here on Snowboarder.com. For now, here are the top finishers from Friday’s qualifiers who are advancing to Sunday. Check out the LBS website for the full Friday results.


1st – Temple Cummins – 2:12.76
2nd – Josh Dirksen – 2:12.80
3rd – David Carrier-Porcheron – 2:13.72
4th – Austin Smith – 2:13.97
5th – Blair Habenicht – 2:14.00
6th – Scott Lago – 2:14.23
7th – Rob Fagan – 2:14.96
8th – Yancy Caldwell – 2:15.05
9th – Pat Holland – 2:15.11
10th – Seth Wescott – 2:15.16
11th – Max Warbington – 2:15.69
12th – Nils Mindnich – 2:16.08
13th – Alex Yoder – 2:16.12
14th – Ross Powers – 2:16.41
15th – Matt Wainhouse – 2:16.62

1st – Hana Beaman – 2:19.63
2nd – Lindsey Jacobellis – 2:20.20
3rd – Spencer O'Brien – 2:21.89
4th – Laura Hadar – 2:22.55
5th – Elena Hight – 2:13.19
6th – Maria Debari – 2:25.16
7th – Colleen Quigley – 2:25:39
8th – Aya Sato – 2:25.94
9th – Leanne Pelosi – 2:27.37
10th – Dominique Vallee – 2:28.10