words and photos: JP Walker

Another season at The Spot. I never get sick of this place. It's gone through many incarnations over the years and the last few seasons we have had it at Brighton Resort thanks to their willingness to let us operate on a remote corner of their resort. We always slowly set up our features depending on available snow and continue to try and expand as the base level permits. We found a few new features this year in the lower zone that made for some fun lines and tricks and we sessioned our classic setup on the daily as well. We always have our overnight camping night and we have been filming up their with the help of lights and generators. We even did a live Periscope broadcast from up there mid camp/shred session. We work hard up there every day to maintain ridable features early in the season. It's and insane amount of work to make it all happen and then have energy to ride too, but we love it and its worth every minute we spend up there. The end always comes sooner than expected. Once a large dump hits late in the game and forces us into the streets or the backcountry, we spend the day breaking all down. We are so stoked to log another year of The Spot at Brighton and are already counting down the days until the next season.