Day one at the COC compound. Pre Sunburns, concussions and separated shoulders.

Words & Captions: JP Walker

The Tripod broke the ice on opening week at Camp of Champions in Whistler last week. It was an awesome time as usual with a few sunny days and lots of snow. Our days were filled with traveling up and down the mountain and shredding the glacier. The evenings were reserved for mini ramp sessions, paintball, trampoline and competitive bump and sting-pong tournaments. We stayed close to the COC compound in Staff housing and I got a new perspective on Whistler living life behind the wall. Simon and Joe killed it on the snow. Maximum respect to all the campers that came to our session. See you next year and check out more at

Joe at Earls 2

On this rare occasion Joe ops for the breasts instead of the wings.

JP and Simon in Bunk Beds 1

Life behind the walls. My celly Simon and I bunk up before lights out in 6 block.

JP Simon and Joe at the Bottom of Blackcomb

The Tripod ice grilling skiers at the bottom of backcomb before we tool up.

JP on the Chairlift 4

It's hard to think up all these witty captions, especially about yourself. Somehow the tannest man in snowboarding has a sunscreen sponsor. Good enough?

Joe on the Chairlift 3

Is Joe contemplating next years rail tricks to try on the glacier? No, just what kind of beer to get later.

Simon at Hortsman Hut 1

Simon still grillin'

Joe at Hortsman Hut 2

Tom Cruise sighting at Hortsman Hut.

Joe Nose Press at Camp of Champions

Joe with a classic pose.

JP Nose Press at Camp of Champions

Myself with a classic pose.

Simon Front Board at Camp of Champions

Simon and Andre with another classic.

Simon and Joe After the Bottle Shop 2

A wise man once told me there is something better than an Alexander Keith's... and that's a lot of Alexander Keith's. Joe has become wiser in his old age.

JP and Joe in Back of Johnson's Samurai 2

Sean Johnson Taxi Service.

Simon and an Irritating Euro 2

Simon hooks up a camper with his next year sig boot after feeling bad for hitting him with a water ballon in the chest. The dude deserved it. The water ballon that is.

Tripod Signing Board for a Camper 2

A camper from Copenhagen scored a new StepChild board. Chi Guy, Simon and I signed it up.