words and photos: JP Walker

This season came to a quick end for me right when it was just beginning. I had finished up riding The Spot and filmed a few days locally around SLC with long time bro, Jeremy Jones. I had a rail trip overseas lined up and things were off to a good start. I went to this weird roof-to-roof feature near my house to try and log one more clip before starting to travel and ended up exploding my foot. I made a small mistake that cost big time. I basically fell off the top of this roof to flat cement from about eighteen feet up without any forward momentum. Just straight down to splat. I knew I had two bruised heels instantly and something else that didn’t feel right. I left my boot on to stabilize it and the boys got me out of there and to the hospital. This was probably the most painful thing I’d ever broke, even worse than my jaw. My forefoot got shoved into the ankle and I broke my navicular bone. Not just in half though, lots of pieces. My foot was dislocated, too, and I had to be put under to get it reset. After that I was stuck on the couch, and my wife and family had to take care of me for months while it healed up. It’s been a beast and it’s healed up, but it has been slow, due to how I broke it and the importance of that particular bone. I caught a few laps at Brighton before they closed and now I’ve finally left for my first shred trip up to Canada to hopefully find some late season pow to warm my foot back up with. Thanks so much to everyone that helped me out and visited me while I was down. I couldn’t have made it this far without you guys.