words: JP Walker
photos: JP Walker and Jeremy Jones

The spot 2014 at Brighton Resort. This was one of the longest seasons we had at The Spot. The snow didn't come early but we got a decent couple of storms that got us up and running for awhile and then it kinda dried up. That kept most of the resort at Brighton closed and our crew in Utah to hike and ride The Spot almost every day. We had our usual international guests like Blair McKinney come though, but we also had some cool Brighton locals come up and shred a day with us and even SNOWBOARDER Mag Editor T. Bird showed up to see what all the hype is about. It’s lots of work maintaining your own snowboard park by hand but it’s worth it, especially in the early season when there isn't much else to ride. We love The Spot and we are very grateful to Brighton Resort for taking us in and letting use this area like a big canvas to create and explore. I'm looking forward to next season already.