All photos: Patrick Lennox Wright / PLWP

30 riders came out hungry for some pre-season shred at the first stop of Lib Tech's The Feeders! tour in Spokane, WA. Jacob Nelson dropped hammers all afternoon and scored an invite to the Downtown Throwdown in Seattle on October 9. Stay tuned for updates on the next two stops in Auburn, WA and Clackamas, OR.

The Feeders! is brought to you by Lib Tech, Zumiez, Jones Soda Co., Vans, Skullcandy, Snowboarder Mag and Think Thank.


Spokane results:
1st Place – Jacob Nelson
2nd Place – Bart Patitucci
3rd Place – Gared Schneider
Zumiez Destroyer – Aaron Cardwell
Ripping Chick Award – Jen Davis
Think Thank Barrel Master – Jaeger Bailey


100911_feeders_spokane_bart patitucci_jacob nelson_gared schneider

Bart Patitucci, Jacob Nelson, and Gared Schneider

100911_feeders_spokane_bart patitucci

Bart Patitucci

100911_feeders_spokane_aaron cardwell_zumiez destroyer

Aaron Cardwell. Zumiez Destroyer


Jesse Burtner

100911_feeders_spokane_aaron cardwell

Aaron Cardwell

100911_feeders_spokane_classic spokane lunch

Classic Spokane Lunch

100911_feeders_spokane_gared schneider

Gared Schneider

100911_feeders_spokane_jacob nelson DTTD qualifier

Jacob Nelson DTTD qualifier

100911_feeders_spokane_jacob nelson walking_aaron cardwell riding

Aaron Cardwell

100911_feeders_spokane_jacob nelson

Jacob Nelson

100911_feeders_spokane_jeager bailey_think thank barrel master award

Jeager Bailey. Think Thank barrel master award

100911_feeders_spokane_jen davis

Jen Davis

100911_feeders_spokane_krush and simutis

Krush and Simutis

100911_feeders_spokane_krush w zumiez destroyer

Krush w/ Zumiez Destroyer

100911_feeders_spokane_lib techs ryan davis

Lib Tech's Ryan Davis