words by T. Bird
captions by Pat Bridges
photos by Mike Yoshida, E-Stone, and T. Bird

With SNOWBOARDER Magazine's first annual Summer Games, our aim is to appease to the Olympic-centric mainstream community and to inform them as to what they can look forward to in Sochi, 2014.

First, the rules: The staff of SNOWBOARDER was divided into four teams, each composing of three guys, a girl, and a legend. High Cascade Snowboard Camp was also afforded a squad hand-picked by their employees. Online Editor Mary Walsh and Video Production Manager John Cavan have split duties and their team consists of Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Chris Grenier, Corinne Pasela and legend Shane Flood. Editor Pat Bridges has tapped Gigi Rüf, Garrett Warnick, Zac Marben, legend Chris Roach, and Erin Comstock. Senior Editor T. Bird is managing Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Scott Blum, Desiree Melancon, and the infamous Peter Line. The photo crew of Mike Yoshida, Huggy, and E-Stone consists of Jaeger Bailey, Brendan Gerard, Forest Bailey, Marie Hucal, and big mountain badass Temple Cummins. High Cascade has enlisted Johnny Brady, Spencer Schubert, Ben Bilocq, Leanne Pelosi, and Ami Voutilainen.

Point is, the crews are pretty heavy, as some of the most famous riders alive–both past and present–have assembled at High Cascade in order to prove their worth in some Plympic-games-esque events.
Today, the pole vault saw every rider drop (in which they are automatically awarded 100 points just for dropping) and then the eliminations started as the bar was raised. Standouts included Scott Blum, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Scotty Lago, Desiree Melancon, and Corinne Pasela. As the pole raised in height, these riders rose to the occasion and vaulted higher with each hit. In the end, it was Scotty Lago who took the win and the accompanying first place points for his crew's end-of-the-week total. Legend Shane Flood showed everyone that he's still most certainly got pop as he took second place and a tally for his team, and Forest Bailey took third. For the women, it was Corrine and Desiree who topped out around the 3'2" range and after a few hits they reached a stalemate and split the points for the women's win.

After lunch it was the triple jump. The format is simple, and explains perfectly why it is named as such. Each rider has three attempts spinning backside (can also be switch backside) and three attempts spinning frontside (can also be Cab). Each rider's highest frontside or backside rotation is tallied up and the spinner with the highest score takes the win for their team. Highlights included Spencer Schubert's 1260, Gigi Rüf's front 1080 tuck knee attempts, Peter Line and Shane Flood still slaughtering it, Desiree's front fives, Blum's ferocity, Jaeger's hell-for-leather hucking, and Garrett Warnick's consistency and that put him in a three-way tie with Jaeger and Spencer. Each rider was awarded points for the tie equally. Thanks to all Summer Games participants who rode today. It was a warm, sunny day on the hill, and although there is a trip to Cabo San Lucas on the line, everyone's focusing on fun rather than taking it too seriously. Check back tomorrow for more results, as the final day of the Summer Games gets underway with the balance beam, the high jump, and the 1,000 meter dash.

SNOWBOARDER would like to thank High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Drift Innovation HD Cameras, Leatherman, and Flips Audio for making this inaugural event a not just a possibility, but a reality.


Pole Vault:

1. Scotty Lago
2. Shane Flood
3. Forest Bailey

Triple Jump:

1. Garrett Warnick, Jaeger Bailey, Spencer Schubert (three-way tie)