2010 ANTPM overall champion Lauri Heiskari, clearing the high ollie at 3' 6

For the third year in a row, SNOWBOARDER magazine is proud to announce the return of America's Next Top Pro Model (ANTPM) presented by The House.

Seeing your name on the topsheet of a snowboard is the supreme honor that can be only be bestowed upon a pro, even surpassing an Olympic gold in its value to a true rider. This is exactly why SNOWBOARDER gave birth to ANTPM. America's Next Top Pro Model is a celebration of those elite few who have reached the pinnacle of their professional snowboarding career, and this year, it'll be happening once again on the High Cascade Snowboard Camp lane up on the Palmer glacier on Mt. Hood, Oregon from July 18th through the 20th. There are six events that encapsulate the largest gathering of pro model recipients in the world: High Ollie, Longest Rail, Big Air in the HCSC 22-footer, Spin To Win, the Charity Auction, and the Chinese Downhill.

Confirmed riders for this year's ANTPM are: Aaron Biittner, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, Chris Bradshaw, Corey Noble, Derek Dennison, Dylan Thompson, Eddie Wall, Forest Bailey, Iikka Backstrom, Jake Olsen Elm, Jeff Kramer, Kevin Jones, Kyle Clancy, Lane Knaack, Lauri Heiskari, Marc Swoboda, Max Weinberger, and Kurt Wastell.

SNOWBOARDER has decided to inaugurate an ANTPM Grand Marshall this year, with those honors being bestowed upon the legendary Russell Winfield, and we also feel the need to mention that the Godfather of freestyle snowboarding and the man with the first-ever pro model deck, Terry Kidwell, has also confirmed his attendance to this prestigious summer event. Kidwell claims, "When I got the first pro model snowboard twenty-five years ago I didn’t know what a big deal that would be in the future. It had the first kicktail because us Tahoe guys just wanted to skateboard on the snow. That board changed snowboarding from surf style to skate style. I want to thank all of the riders who have gotten pro models since, and who keep the tradition going and keep pushing the limits of snowboarding."

The ANTPM format is simple: The rider who garners the most points in every event will be crowned "The Champ" of the 2011 America's Next Top Pro Model, joining former champions Lauri Heiskari and last year's winner, Austin Smith. Keep checking snowboardermag.com and facebook.com/snowboardermag for all the action from Mt. Hood.

The 2011 ANTPM is proudly brought to you by High Cascade Snowboard Camp, The House, Timberline Resort, and all the companies who support the place of signature models in snowboarding culture.

Photo: Aaron Dodds

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