Words: T Bird

After a day like yesterday, it was apparent that The Launch participants needed a little rest, and the weather on Thursday provided a little respite for the riders, as dumping snow and heavy wind at times hindered visibility and obliterated speed. It was a good day though. Mellow, fun, and manageable, as the young bucks sessioned the rail setup nearly all day. The closeout to dumpster bash was a favorite. 10-year old Redmond Gerard was the smallest but hungriest rider, hopping on to the back of the sled immediately after each run and never waiting to drop. Our Senior Photographer E-Stone actually went up to young Red and asked him if he wanted to shoot a sequence, to which Red replied, "What's a sequence?" Pretty classic.


Matty Mo got all sauced up at day three of The Launch. The Cobra King served up brats all week for the kids. P: Huggy

Urban legend Lucas Magoon even rolled through the park. He was so stoked to see so many kids jibbing, and needless to say, they were pretty damn stoked to see Lucas Magoon…and session with him. Gooner lapped the jib setup with the kids, taking it easy and throwing out a few oddball tricks. Technine tykes Zander Backman and Ben Bilodeau (or, as Gooner calls him, "The Prospect") got some shots while Griffin Siebert was being follow-cammed by none other than Seth Huot himself. Seb Toots had a heavy day yesterday, riding from sun-up to sundown, but he had a few laps left in him. Other notables were Daniel Brown, Max Warbington, Stefan Krumm, Austen Sweetin, Jacob Krugmire, Blaze Kotsenburg, and many more.


The beauty of The Launch is that these kids are never over it. They're always down to shred, and even more down to shoot. Basically, wherever a photographer points his lens, a session will kick off. There's no griping, no complaining, no nit-picking. It's The Launch, and these kids are raring to get in front of our photogs. It's as refreshing as it is awesome. Stay tuned to snowboardermag.com for more updates daily. We promise that as soon as this weather clears, there'll be much more to talk about.

hugs 2

Little kids love tales. You know, like bedtime stories, or campfire fables. Well, the kids at The Launch love tails. Grabbing tails. P: Huggy


Bryn Valaika rides for Mimi's Cookie Bar, so it only made sense that she was hungry, even if it was milky. R: Bryn Valaika P: Huggy


Despite the inclement weather, the sequence of events here at The Launch are developing quite nicely, as pictured above. R: Caden Michnal P: Mike Yoshida

Yosh max warbington

After years of dig-to-ride status at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Max Warbington finally got hired for a full-time summer gig on the glacier. It looks to us that it paid off, 'cause for the past few days, we've been diggin' Max's riding.


Andrew Tassle can barely drive yet, but he knows to use his seatbelt. R: Andrew Tassle P: E-Stone


Sure, Red Gerard is a skinny little fella, but give him a few years and he'll get much phatter. R: Red Gerard P: E-Stone


Brock Crouch grew up lapping the Main Park at Mammoth Mountain, and he was one of the main Park City standouts today at day three of The Launch. R: Brock Crouch P: E-Stone