The Launch LIVE Webcast Day 2 – Tuesday 1-3pm EST

If you watched yesterday’s webcast at The Launch, you have familiarized yourself with what the youngest of the current crop of snowboarders can do when a plethora of metal and transition is set in front of them. Today, we move the cameras to the massive jumpline at Seven Springs and at 1pm EST, we will unleash this group of under-21 rippers onto the drop in. Today, we saw the first sessions on the jumps and with no warm up laps, doubles were being thrown immediately, lofty airs took center stage, and creative grabs and tweaks were executed. If today’s action was any indication, and we think it was, of what is going to take place between 1-3pm EST tomorrow for the webcast, make sure to tune in, because these snowboarders are going to put on a show you won’t want to miss.

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