From Lib Tech:

Mt. Hood has always been part of the process of Lib Technologies. Founders Mike Olsen and Pete Saari have been making summertime treks from their factory in Washington to test out new technology on snow and get some surf and skate as well since the early 80s. 2015 was no different. Well, a little different. A catastrophically dry winter gave way to a sweltering summer and an unprecedented lack of snow on the Palmer Snowfield. Sky high temps and only one bad weather day at High Cascade and Windells had the rumor mill surrounding Mt. Hood at cyclone level with lifties, baristas and Cobra Dog slingers making around the clock speculations. But standing sideways and seeking adventure in or around Mt. Hood are intrinsic to our culture. And in the end the challenges of the low snow; being the epic journey to access the snow patch, the ever shrinking features to choose from or heat and dust permeating your very being, couldn’t stop Hood from going off. “Escape to the Microwave Planet” is a snap shot of another great summer spent doing what we love with our friends. Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey with Snowboarding from Ted Borland, Max Warbington, Brandon Reis, Jesse Burtner, skateboarding by Sky Siljeg, Phil Hansen, Jamie Jacobsen, surfing by Johnny Grubbs and more!