One of our most coveted contributors, Liam Gallagher, spent a good portion of his winter last year documenting snowboarding from his point of view. That view started just outside of Portland, Oregon where Liam grew up and has since taken him down to So Cal, back to the Northwest, and all across the globe. He now calls Bellingham home and we don’t see him leaving any time soon. Have a look at his latest project, “The Mad Ones,” a full-length snowboard film featuring Forest Bailey, Forrest Burki, Patrick McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Wyatt Stasinos, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Bryan Fox, Mark Landvik, Lucas Debari, Nick Ennen, Scott Blum, Dan Liedahl, Alex Beebe, Will Lavigne, Jamie Lynn, Sebi Geiger, Marco Feichtner, Atsushi Hasegawa, Kohei Kudo, Austin Hironaka and many more. Enjoy!