Masters Crystal Hawe 01

Dumping. The rider party inside the Bullwheel bar Monday night was alive with excitement about the weather.

Words & Photos: Jeff Hawe

Day one was good. Kinda dust on crust with about 6 inches on top of boilerplate ice. The riders needing to qualify got after it though. Definitely some good runs through the day. Weather conditions varied from clear greybird to total whiteout fog. Trying day in a lot of aspects. Tomorrow is promising with blue skies, but still cold temps and then snow conditions are not going to get any better. Blue skies will be good to see for photos though.

Masters Crystal Hawe 02

Representing her state, Marissa Nishimoto from Stevens Pass getting some freshies early on.

1. Rosemarie Daiek
2. Michelle Locke
3. Tiffany Noel
4. Marissa Nishimoto
5. Casey Lucas & Kylie Jugan
7. Whitney Bell
8. Iris Lazzareschi
9. Laura Dewey

Boney. Seb Grundin from Revelstoke was not fazed by it.

1. Brian Bozack
2. Tim Carlson
3. Adam Billings
4. Yuta Watanabe & Dave Brumm
6. Alex Yoder
7. Johnathan Penfield
8. Josh Feliciano
9. Joe Forrest
10. Mark Koelker & Brandon Reid

Masters Crystal Hawe 04

Milkjug, was the term thrown around all day as fog intermittently rolled through hiding the top of the venue.

Masters Crystal Hawe 05

Alex Yoder is a known name on the tour, always placing well. It's a matter of time before he takes home a first place finish.

Masters Crystal Hawe 06

Tim Carlson displayed the advantage years of strong freeriding gives. He charged a unique and technical line down one of the main spines very fast and fluid.

Masters Crystal Hawe 07

The waterfall cliff was the most hit air all day. Many flopped, Brandon Reid manned up off the big side.

Masters Crystal Hawe 08

Dave Short sent the waterfall cliff late in the comp. The landing was bombed out, icy and this penguin like belly flop was the result.


Determination. Ryan Hudson is from San Diego and has only been riding for 3 years. His story is outstanding and he seems to be showing a lot of mountain grown riders how to get it done.

Mikey Marohn, legit method. He was one of few riders with enough brass to spin off cliffs into treacherous landings during his run, but this grasser was my favorite in his line.


Washington up and comer Andy Bergin-Sperry. His conservative and smooth run with a couple solid airs put him into the finals.

Masters Crystal Hawe 12

Matt Annetts, Mary Bodington, and another unidentified contestant scope Silver King, the selected mountain for the final venue. Check back in to see what goes down.