The Peddie Files World Premiere


Words: Drew Amer
Photos: Laura Austin

Last Friday, Peter Line and Eddie Wall’s video “The Peddie Files” premiered at Vestal’s headquarters in Costa Mesa. Now, I’ve been to pretty much every video premiere in the Socal bro zone this fall, and I must say that Vestal did things right. Light towers, DJ sets by Jared from the Black Lips, a female jumprope team, and tons of free booze put the crowd into a party frenzy. Considering the high-end production and over-the-top budgets of some snowboard videos this year, it was refreshing to see Vestal go all out for a video like “The Peddie Files”. Then again, any project conceptualized by Peter Line and Eddie Wall should, nay, must be embraced in all its glory.

SNOWBOARDER was there with our own VIP tent, which included a 5 gallon jug of cosmos (the Industry Standard). As the sweet nectar of cranberry, vodka, triple sec, and lime began to flow, the lights dimmed and the video hit the big screen. The intro sets the pace of the entire video, with rapid fire editing that switches from song to song, shred footage to random footage, creating a pop culture mashup similar to daily internet trolling. The lighthearted music selection, raw snowboarding, and random party/lifestyle footage gives the video an old school feel.

Parker Duke had the opener, and was one of the standouts of the night. With a mix of street and backcountry shots, Parker Duke aka Darker Puke was able to put together a solid, well rounded showing. Being his first full part, expect to be seeing much more of this kid in the near future. Scott Blum got the most cheers of the night with his epic handplant on the wall at Superpark. Other highlights include guest shots from Jamie Lynn, Chris Roach, and Ingemar Backman.

The video ends with Peter and Eddie’s parts. Peter Line can always deliver, and put together an entertaining part with some mini-shread action, a huge method on the Superpark hip, a chick spanking herself, and impressive air-to-fakies on the Red Bull quarterpipe. Eddie also put together a solid part to let the people know he’s still “got it.” His section includes a good mix of heavy midwest urban spots, backcountry double lines, and some huge cliff drops. The song selection for his part hints at some sort of deep self-reflection of a man who has been at the top of the pro game for the past decade. Or maybe that was just the cosmos toying with my emotions. Either way, great job Pete, Eddie, and director Greg Weaver.

You can watch the full Peddie Files movie right here.