The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Gus Warbington Full Part

Gus Warbington aka G-DON has G-DONe did it. As the first part to drop from our latest movie, you might recognize Gus from his time strapped in… or unstrapped for that matter in the challenge that swept snowboarding the past two seasons. Get to know Gus from a few questions this past year filming for his Everybody, Everybody part below, and peep the real G-Don above.

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Most common sentence overheard during this winter?
“Is SNOWBOARDER Magazine still a thing?”
“How illegal is weed here?”
“Where’s Derek?

Photo Credit: Ted Borland

Quick story:
At the end of our Japan trip, I was determined to find this bar that I’d heard about called, Grandfather’s. It’s owned by this legendary 80-year-old audiophile who has his entire collection of vinyl in the bar and he just sits in there and plays records all night. The bar is infamously hard to find because it’s in the basement of an unmarked building. On my way there I took a wrong turn and ended up on a sketchy street. Three cops in full uniform came walking down the street toward me and immediately surrounded me and started yelling at me in Japanese. They pushed me against a wall, reached into my pockets and took my wallet, camera, and cell phone and put them in this little bag. They kept saying things to me in Japanese and I kept asking why they were doing this, but nobody could understand a word of what we were saying to each other. I was held against the wall while one of the cops gave me a VERY thorough full-body pat-down in the middle of the street. After a solid ten or fifteen minutes of pure confusion, they had a little meeting among themselves and I guess they decided that I’d had enough. I reached for my bag of stuff and they reluctantly handed it back to me. To this day I have no idea what they wanted. I ended up continuing my mission and finding Grandfather’s bar, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. I sat there until four in the morning, drinking scotch and listening to some of the best vinyl I’d ever heard. Later that night, I ended up getting locked out of my room and basically pissed my pants in the hotel lobby, but that’s a different story!

Photo Credit: Clas Kristensen

You’re a pretty selective dude when it comes to choosing spots to snowboard on. Sometimes there might not be anything during a whole trip that you are interested in. What kind of spots are you searching for?
I’m just searching for something that gets me excited and gives me a certain feeling. I have no criteria for spots and I’m rarely looking for a specific type of spot for a specific trick, it just has to be something that’s aesthetically pleasing and fun to snowboard on. The way I see it, it’s very hard for me to film a snowboard trick in general. Regardless of what it is, it’s gonna be a battle and it’s probably gonna beat me up. So, I guess that selectiveness stems from prioritizing what I put my effort toward. I have to really like the spot and trick in order to justify the amount of effort I’m putting in. It’s easier to battle a trick when you can really see the why behind it and you know that you’re gonna be stoked on what comes out of it.

Photo Credit: E-Stone

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