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“Have a nice day!” This is what the inner side of the bathroom door at MiloSport in Salt Lake City, Utah is telling me as I walk out to proceed to get ready for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword premiere later that night in the parking lot. Normally, giant yellow and black letters aggressively painted inside a bathroom would signal that you are in a bad place and probably need to relocate to a less free-speaking bathroom, but in this case it’s all just part of the homegrown shop vibe Milo has cultivated for itself over the years in SLC’s snowboarding scene–which is why it made a perfect location for stop number three on the Foreword tour. From freehand bathroom typography by Griffin Siebert to the local skate art hanging from the ceiling, you know as soon as you walk into Milo that you are not entering some half-assed skate/snowboard shop constructed next to a Banana Republic in your local mall trying to capitalize on youth marketing by selling product they have no knowledge about. This is a real shop with real employees who are involved in the sport and have knowledge of the product they are selling to the kids coming in looking to get involved in snowboarding. (For the record, I have never been in a Banana Republic and for all I know they are an amazing company that really unifies the right-winged banana community). Not only does Milo have that feel of a true snowboard shop it has the following of one, too. There were kids skating the parking lot the entire time we were there. From afternoon into the night, the kids skated a shitty box they built from old pieces of wood the shop was going to throw away. People were constantly stopping by to say, “what’s up?” to everyone that worked there and hang out. Kids were coming out of left field and the left sides of minivans, slowly amassing their crews, getting ready to watch the guys they look up to begin their assault as the next generation of snowboarders on the big screen.

And that’s what The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword is about: the next generation of riders ready to take the industry by storm with their new energy. For a lot of these next riders featured in The SNOWBOARDER Movie, they have deep ties with SLC and the riders who call it home. Stax, Spenny, Blake, and Nils were all on hand to hang with their friends and celebrate. They even held an autograph session, signing mags and boards until the kids realized they weren’t meeting Val Kilmer, just Sam Taxwood. When the movie started rolling and the crowd started to get into it the guys all received solid roars when their names appeared on screen. But none could compare to when Ben Bilodeau aka @dial9forswag, came on screen for his cameo part. There was an instant, unanimous cheer across the crowd as he began one of the smoothest cameo parts I have ever seen to date. But don’t let that take away from the other guys, because I can promise everyone’s part is psycho. It just goes to show how much SLC backs their local boys. (Boyz? Boiz? bOiZzZz??) Make sure you do your brain a favor and watch this movie by any means, as soon as possible.

Big shout out to Knut Eliassen for holding down the grill to feed everyone and bringing some Nitro gear to get the kids hyped! Nitro premiered their video, Bad Seeds, as well and if you haven’t seen that yet, you’re going to want to get a hold of a copy. Thanks to Trevor and the rest of the Milo staff for working hard to make sure the premiere went off with a bang. Another shout out to Colton Morgan and the Under Dawgs crew as well as the CAPiTA dudes for putting on another premiere the following night, both those movies are insane as well! And biggest shout out to SLC for hosting us and coming out to celebrate our movie with us, the weekend could not have been possible without you. I’ll see you in the future Salt Lake, have a nice day!

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