The SNOWBOARDER Movie premiere starts early in San Clemente

Crooners. Spencer Schubert and Blake Paul.

I was in the middle of a margarita at La Siesta, a watering hole known for potent drinks, when the texts came through from SNOWBOARDER’s Video Director John Cavan and Social Media Bo$$ Mike Yoshida: karaoke. It was late on a casual Wednesday night, two days before The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword was set to premiere for family and friends in San Clemente and things were already shaking up with visitors who had gotten into town to start the party early.

Carson Schubert, SNOWBOARDER's John Cavan and Mike "Photo Bomb" Yoshida.
Carson Schubert, SNOWBOARDER’s John Cavan and Mike “Photo Bomb” Yoshida.

Taka O is a sushi restaurant on the main drag in San Clemente, a normally sleepy surf town. It’s nestled just off the road and conveniently within walking distance no matter where you live in North Beach. There’s karaoke every night of the week in a blue-lit bar room and even though the song selection lacks any heaters from Motley Crue or DMX, the bartender, Raven is the best in Southern California and the karaoke host has a high tolerance for inebriated snowboarders–a lethal but lovely combination. During the week, of course, it’s never busy and if you arrive with a crew, the stage is yours–like an overly dark house party with a really good sound system and two mics.

Danyale Patterson and Leanne Pelosi. Make sure to watch these two rippers in episode 2 of Vision Airs on now.

On Wednesday, the house was packed. Riders from all over had already started to descend on San Clemente in preparation of Friday’s movie debut. Spencer Schubert was singing a No Doubt ballad that echoed through the parking lot and into the empty streets. Frank April had come in town with Alex Paradis and they sang the only song with French lyrics in the catalog. Huggy and Yosh collaborated on Lil’ John and the Ying Yang Twins’ “Get Low”. Blake Paul was a stunner with INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” and Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”. Carson Schubert involved the crowd spitting Outkast. Yosh displayed the breadth of his talent by crooning Wham’s “Careless Whisper”. And Spencer, Garrett “Worm” Warnick, Frank and Jordan Small shut it down with the most spine-tingling rendition of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” ever recorded on an iPhone. The crowd was hyped. Beer were drank, glasses were clinked, Fireball made an appearance all with 48 hours before the movie will play for the first time in front of an audience. And, if this evening was any foreshadowing of what to expect Friday, it’s going to be a pretty epic evening.

Want to see the movie for yourself? Check out the world premiere at Snowboard on the Block in Denver on Saturday and stay up to date on all Foreword news here.

– Mary Walsh

Just a bunch of Avatars. (l to r) Blake Paul, Brady Lem, and Max Warbington.
John Cavan, Garrett Warnick, Big Frank, Mary Walsh, and Ryan "Huggy" Hughes.
John Cavan, Garrett Warnick, Big Frank, Mary Walsh, and Ryan “Huggy” Hughes.
Dragon's Kyle Martin and Danyale Patterson.
Dragon’s Kyle Martin and Danyale Patterson.
Flexed. (l to r) Garrett Warnick, Frank April, Sam Taxwood, Mike Yoshida.

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