words and photos: Mike Yoshida

Fall in the Northwest is a very exciting time. Rain squalls slowly turn to snowstorms in the hills, the colors of the leaves change, and local snowboarders start to come out of the woodwork from all corners of the state. The northwest leg of the SFD premiere tour was a great time to connect with all the Washington shreds, and the stoke was high once the movies started to roll.

The first stop was Bellingham, Washington. Aslan Brewery was kind enough to offer us their venue to show both the 686 movie 686 Seconds alongside SFD. Pat McCarthy helped out a ton promoting the premiere, and pretty much every snowboarder in town must have shown up, because the brewery was packed to the gills. Local legends the likes of Eric Jackson, Nathan Lind, Pat McCarthy, Nick Ennen, Matt Wainhouse, Liam Gallagher, Morgan “Coonhead” Rose, and Andy Bergensberry graced us with their presence, but the listof attendees goes on and on.

Once the movies started, from intro to credits, there were non-stop cheers and drinks to be had. One thing about the PNW is that the roots of snowboarding run deep here, and the enthusiasm shows at events like this. Alongside some great snowboarding, Aslan provided some amazing craft beer with some solid food from the kitchen. During any visit to Bellingham or Mt. Baker, you can be rest assured these guys will keep your tummy full, and the good times flowing!

Two days later, McCarthy and I headed down to Seattle for the Northwest Film Festival put on by Jeremy Dubs and Dan Manning of Snowboard Northwest Magazine. The Guild on 45th in Wallingford was the all-ages venue for the premiere and it was really cool to watch the movies in a classic old theater. Everyone from groms to NW legends showed up to this one. The Seattle crew had a strong showing, with over 300 people packing the venue. The Guild was a great venue to show all the movies that had circulated through the Northwest. A handful of local edits were played to open up the festival, which closed with the SFD and 686 seconds.

Big thanks to all the people who showed up, and especially the Aslan Brewery, Jeremy Dubs, Dan Manning, Pat McCarthy, and all the sponsors that helped out along the way, 686, Boardworks Tech Shop, Aslan Brewery, Mo Pros, Gnu, Stevens Pass, Mt. Baker Snowboard Shop, and Findlay Hats!


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