Last spring, an intrepid crew of riders headed into the Albertan wilderness for a week-long shoot in the mountains of Banff. Roope Tonteri, Hans Mindnich, Jake Blauvelt, Max Parrot, Nils Mindnich, and Dustin Craven rose before the sun to get on hill and only rode down long after it was set in order to maximize their time in the Canadian Rockies’ golden light. Spending time at both Lake Louise and Sunshine Village, the crew dropped into perfectly-sculpted features sending it high overhead in front of some of the most picturesque views in the world. But the gorgeous background is not nearly as eye-catching as what these guys were throwing down in the foreground. From Nils and Hans’ crazy tweaked-out grabs, to Roope and Max’s multi-axis spins, to Jake and Dustin’s timeless and textbook style, all bases of tricks were covered. But we don’t need to explain how nice the riding was, check it out for yourself in the Banff full part from The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD.

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