words: Mary Walsh
photos: Jeep Eddy

Nothing goes better with a Southern California heat wave than a heavy visual dose of snowboarding. In the same way that speckles of red and orange leaves dotting the skyline is a sure sign of fall in more northern areas, a loaded schedule of snowboard premieres signals the changing of the seasons down south. Temps seem to drop more quickly when watching bottomless pow and ice cold metal on a big screen. So, on Wednesday, September 23rd, when SNOWBOARDER held a Southern California premiere of The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD, playing in a double feature before Transworld’s Origins, riders, industry veterans, and plenty of friends turned out to see the movie. For the second year in a row, Stance opened up their headquarters to the after hours crew, inviting the rabble-rousers into their high-ceilinged interior and allowing plenty of social spillover into the corridors of their warehouse and back lot.

For this showing of SFD, a bevy of the on screen talent made the trek to Orange County to take part in the festivities and celebrate with buds. Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, Jess Kimura, Iikka Backstrom, Bryan Fox, Scott Blum, Curtis Ciszek, as well as Austin Smith and Jamie Lynn mingled amidst the fray of winter-ready attendees, taking center stage before the lights dimmed to humbly revel in the achievements of the past season.

As lights dimmed and the projector whirred to life, Jamie Lynn’s even-tempoed voice ushered in fifty-five minutes of powder-pillaging, metal-annihilating, transition-besieging, impressively fluid snowboarding, all spliced together by SFD Director Trent Ludwig, SNOWBOARDER’s John Cavan, and talented lensmen and The SNOWBOARDER Movie crew veteran, Jon Ray. This section is sans spoilers, but you can watch The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD for yourself via Vimeo on Demand (and stay tuned for spoilers in an upcoming recap).

As the credits rolled and the lights came back up, the smiles, hugs and high fives of a job very well done circulated throughout the crowd. Exiting Stance’s majestic offices, the temperatures had dropped outside and the party made its way to Knuckleheads, a San Clemente local favorite (and the Esox of the West), where SNOWBOARDER’s own Ryan “Huggy” Hughes was running a strong karaoke game. Late into the Wednesday night, glasses were raised, shots were emptied, and various pop, rap, and classic rock hits were belted out on stage. Another job well done as we move continually closer to the start of the new season.


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