With every video and video part that drops there are countless shots and endless moments that never see the light of day and The Snowboarder Movie: SFD was no exception. At times, some of a rider’s or filmer’s favorite shots or angles don’t always make the final cut. Whether the shot didn’t quite fit in the song, another angle was used, or a better trick was done on the feature, there’s always great stuff that is talked about by the riders and the people that were there but other than that, it’s as if it never existed.

This year, we decided to tap into the computers and pull out everyone’s unedited timelines to hunt down the treasures that—for whatever reason—didn’t make it in their part or were cut short. SFD Uncut will bring you into the edit room to allow you to see more from every rider.

Up first is Jake Blauvelt. Jake spent his winter filming with Gabe Langlois and Nathan Avila and he had a hell of year in Europe and British Columbia, attacking lines and natural jumps while riding with a creative flow that has the viewer never knowing where he’s going next. Unfortunately, to fit Jake’s three-minute Ty Segal song in SFD, a lot of stuff had to be cut, but here is Jake’s rough timeline packed full of all his lines, tricks, and multiple shots on the same feature. We hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out the full-length version of The Snowboarder Movie: SFD available on Vimeo on Demand and iTunes.

— John Cavan

Filmed by Gabe Langlois and Nathan Avilla. Music by Jason Bayne.

Watch all the SFD Uncut parts:
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SFD Uncut – Iikka Backstrom
SFD Uncut – Forest Bailey
SFD Uncut – Mark Sollors
SFD Uncut – Scott Blum
SFD Uncut – Jess Kimura

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