Scott Blum snowboards more than just about anyone I know. In fact when I think of the term SFD, Blum is the first rider that pops into my head. He's bred from the skate mentality of “ride whatever is put in front of you.” In Scott's case, that may be the big terrain of Mammoth Mountain, a rail trip to Detroit, or a session in the halfpipe with the world's best pipe riders. Blum spent this season chasing transitions from Japan to Utah and everywhere in between. He is probably one of the best, if not the best snowboard handplanter alive, so it should be no surprise that his video part is full of some crazy plants. Sit back and watch Blum's Uncut footy and check out what went into his massive plant on the Alta wall, his huge gap to lip on the JLA rail in Big Bear, and the massive wall in Detroit that landed him on the cover of the October issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine. – John Cavan

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