The wait is over, the people have spoken and we’re finally ready to drop the hammer that is The Big Mess’ full part from Think Thank Almanac! Featuring a bunch of broke ass boarders breaking themselves off while going for broke: Erik Karlsson, Jack Harris, Ben Bogart, Sammy Spiteri, Scott Stevens, Zebbe Landmark, Kevin Hanson and more!  Witness the mess this Big Mess leaves snowboarding in and prepare for the worst because early predictions are predicting an even messier mess in Think Thank’s all seeing upcoming opus, Methods of Prediction!

Perhaps you’ve heard of this legendary newcomer, The Big Mess. He’s known to ride everywhere (literally), do everything (literally), with everyone (literally). Some say, he/she IS snowboarding. We were lucky enough to sit down with The Big Mess and get this exclusive interview with this star of Think Thank Almanac.

Congrats on the full part drop! Was this your first real video part?
The Big Mess: Thanks! Yeah this is my first one with Think Thank, but I’ve been in videos since the beginning.

The beginning of what?

Ok…..Um, what was it like shredding with the Think Thank dudes?
It was epic! They let me be super messy, I was so many different riders this year! Which I love. But, honestly, it was a bit hectic as well. I was riding in Michigan, Utah, Norway, Alaska, Boston, Canada…..often all at the same time!

Like quick trips, no breaks in between?
No, like the exact same time. I’m everywhere, unless I’m nowhere.

Did you film with Think Thank again this year?
Yeah, I talked to Lucey and the Burtners last year and we did a good faith agreement to give me a full part in every Think Thank Almanac from here on out. So I’m in, guaranteed full part, no stress.

You seem to always be hanging around with dinosaurs, what’s up with those guys? Why are they so messy?
Yeah, they’re multiplying like rats! And I’m always there, ready to hang, ready to shred, so it just works out. Maybe they’re so messy because they know they’ll die.

How did it go for Methods of Prediction?
Started out tough, lost a couple of my dudes to the main movie. Sammy Spits and Erik Karlsson both took off on me. But that’s OK, they weren’t really team players, they wanted to “film their own parts”….I know, right. But then I got some new blood, so my part is looking gnarly again and messy and sick and sketchy. Stoked.

Can you give us a leak?
Oh I’m leaking, that’s part of being messy. When you feel the drips you’ll know.

Do you ever run into The Small Clean in the streets when you’re filming? Are you guys on good terms?
Small Clean is out of the game, pretty sure he just goes to music festivals, golfs and talks about splitboarding these days. But I did run into Stark on the streets. Basically started a war.

How would a rider get an opportunity like you to be in a Think Thank movie?
They gotta go through me, plain and simple.