We’re sitting here waiting semi-patiently for winter and Think Thank has successfully managed to make us already nostalgic for the summer months with a tramp skating, skateboarding, glacier shredding, one-footin, dance floor-sessioning edit from High Cascade Session 6 2015. Methods of Prediction Director, Sean Lucey works behind-the-lens magic with snowboard all stars Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Max Warbington, Ryan Paul, Brandon Reis, Dave Marx, Ted Borland and more. This crew deftly and easily showcases all the fun of summer snowboarding in a susinct edit, featuring all the awesomeness of a week at snowboard camp and featuring bonus Grendies double header dogdeball shot heard round the world. Enjoy.

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From Think Thank:

High Cascade rules!  Session Six, the last session of a historically low snow year didn’t hold us back, to the contrary, it went off!  Here’s an edit by “Methods of Prediction” director Sean Lucey featuring Max Warbington, Ryan Paul, Brandon Reis, Scott Stevens, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland and more.  Thanks brains!”

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