Contrary to popular belief, Russia isn’t the easiest country to just hop over an ocean or two to visit. This spring, when Think Thank’ers Max Warbington, Ted Borland and Sean Lucey decided to head to the mountains outside of Sochi, their plans were thwarted by red tape at every turn and it was fairly miraculous that they made it to the Caucasus Mountains at all. When they arrived at New Star Snowboard Camp, though, all of the tribulations they had gone through to get to Mother Russia were worth it, as they had stumbled into an on hill party, the proportions of which could only go down in the mountains near the beaches of the Black Sea. The above video deftly captured the bright neon dreamscape that is snowboard camp in Southwest Russia.

Stay tuned for the whole story behind the trip, dropping asap.

Filmed and edited by Lucey.