Another Think Thank edit,¬†Long Distance Runner,¬†with a name that evokes interest and contains riding that really exercises the cardio of your appreciative faculties. Ryan Paul, Brandon Reis, Phil Hansen, Mikey Swearingen, and “everyone else [they] met along the way” leap through a medley of environments, ranging from hazily lit days in a landscape of lethally jumbo mountains to mellow night sessions in a friendly terrain park. This is a mashup of extras, but by no means your average B-roll. Think Thank’s digital aesthetics are some of the most original in the biz and have been for quite a while. They’ve figured out a formula for perpetual invention, filming, riding, and editing are all artfully meshed. Any snowboarding edit has a limitless capacity to stoke people out of the tedium that daily routine can bring about. This is further proof that Think Thank has developed a knack for devising such catalysts.