The average day for Brandon Reis this winter. Wake up, wake up the crew staying at your house, make sure they are all happy, load all the gear in your car, pick the spot with Ted, drive them all there while screaming along to top ten hits, make a million jokes, act like an idiot all day to keep crew moral high, do the day’s 1 to 3 hardest tricks as good as they can be done, help everyone else get shots, pick the restaurant, make sure everyone is happy with said restaurant, drive them there, drive them back to your girlfriend’s parent’s house, make sure they are set up and happy, play with Merlin the dog, hang with the GF, make some really weird art then go to sleep. Now repeat like that until the entire Think Thank video is finished. The moral of the story? Brandon is a fucking phenomenal snowboarder and friend. Enjoy six minutes of him being him in #methodsofprediction.

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