We are very pleased, in collaboration with the snowboarding impresarios of Think Thank, to present Mammoth local, Mitch Richmond’s full part from Think Thank’s Methods of Prediction. Last winter was surely one of Mitch’s best, as he turned out a hammer-filled segment full of metal-destroying prowess. Enjoy.

In a rare celestial phenomena the harvest moon, the Earth’s shadow, Stonehenge and one pure boss combined to film one of the gnarliest street boardin’ parts ever assembled. Mitch Richmond passed behind the Earth frontside, came out backside and turned back time until he had collected a video part that will stand the test of eons. Enjoy the work of a true gentleman, pure snowboarder and technical master whose years of hard work have paid off here in hammers.

Get the whole movie now at thinkthank.com or download Methods of Prediction on iTunes.