It’s the season for giving and Think Thank has provided. They’ve gifted us with the eye-popping opener of Methods of Prediction from rail killer, Nial Romanek. Nial posesses fully technically bombastic ability on a snowboard. This Minnosata-grown rider was raised on a diet of proper style and he has proliferated this at streets spots across North America in his most recent full part. It’s four minutes of ridiculously smooth snowboarding that we will be watching repeatedly until Nial’s next segment drops.

Watch the full movie, Methods of Prediction by buying it at or downloading it on iTunes.

From Think Thank:

It’s easy to predict that Minnesota native Nial Romanek is going to film an insane video part. But guessing the progression of this press-master’s trick and spot choices is a fool’s errand. To have seen this video part five years ago would have been like looking into a crystal ball of your best snowboard dream chalked full of impossible outcomes. But it’s not smoke and mirrors, no one is moving the ouija board, it’s just Nial being Nial, taking his particular set of talents and applying them to North America’s snowy streets like no one else in the world can. Enjoy Nial’s opening part from Think Thank’s Methods of Prediction then get out there and live the future!