Locator of unique spots, master of easy style, champion of the Bone Zone and haver of ender in Think Thank’s Methods of Prediction, Ted Borland is a rider who defies classification, unless said classification is a barrage of superlatives that aptly describe the expansive snowboarding talent that this Salt Lake local possesses. Last winter, Ted laid down the gauntlet in the streets and put down a segment in Think Thank that is worth watching again and again. So, without further ado, enjoy Ted’s ender part from Methods.

From Think Thank:

White buffalo slayer Ted Borland shuts it down with his iconic smooth style applied to some of the gnarliest street terrain imaginable. Seemingly unaware of the limitations of metal edges Ted just “leans back” to get through a cornucopia of knobs, rough cement or rusty rails. Proving to all confused authority and super citizens that you can’t stop skate (or snowboarders) with skate stoppers because you can’t see the future, only people like Ted can. Enjoy a peek at the future as Big Smooth perfectly rotates his crops and gets curtains with a mixture of creativity, style and stunts.

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