There are few things better than the time-honored tradition of packing your bags, grabbing your buddies, and stuffing yourselves and the bags into a travel-ready vehicle for a road trip. There is arguably nothing better when your destination is the Holy Bowly, Dave Marx is the pilot of your fourteen-passenger van, and the assembled crew is a bevy of boarders from Lib, Gnu, and Bent Metal.

In early April, a posse of Mervin Mfg’ers met up in Seattle to embark on a springtime road mission along the scenic byways of the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. Mammoth Mountain was the end point, but in between Washington and the Eastern Sierras, there were stops to be made to slap curbs, shred bowls, and paddle out into the line up. They say the journey is really the destination, but in this case, it’s more that they’re both interchangeably epic–the Holy Bowly necessitates the road to it, and the Mervin crew just knows how to take advantage and build on a really good thing.

So, hope in shotgun as Think Thank presents this Northwest team’s #roadtoHolyBowly, one of snowboarding’s most sacred and held dear weeks of the season. Featuring the roadtripping, skating, and snowboard turning talents of Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Sky Siljeg, Jesse Burtner, Alex Lopez, Max Warbington, Mikey Swearengin, Jamie Jacobson, Blake Paul, Sam Hulbert, Tucker Andrews, Eric Jackson, Max Tokunaga, Zebbe Landmark, Erik Karlsson, Chad Fenlon, Jacob Krugmire, Phil Hansen, and Jamie Lynn.