Like walking into a buffet when you haven’t eaten all day, watching this seven-and-a-half-minute video from Think Thank is exactly what you need at the beginning of winter. It’s a visual plate filled with the sweet and the savory, the crunchy and the smooth, the spicy, the salty, and it even comes with an edible garnish. Seven and a Half Minutes from Pando, B Footy and Opening Day is Think Thank’s video smorgasbord that simultaneously appeases your hunger for boarding while whetting your appetite for what’s to come from this creative and talented crew this season. Rails with Nial Romanek, Ted Borland, Ryan Paul, Parker Duke, Brandon Reis, Freddy Perry (and more). Summer boarding with Max Warbington (and more). Opening day at Mt. Baker with Dave Marx, Blair Habenicht, Brendan Gerard (and more). Fill your plate, go up for seconds, and get ready, because this is only the first course that Think Thank is serving up of winter 2016.

Featuring Nial Romanek, Ryan Paul, Sammy Spiteri, Sam Hulbert, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Ted Borland, Desiree Melancon, Justin Keniston, Jesse Burtner, Parker Duke, Freddy Perry, Erik Karlsson, Brandon Reis, Phil Hansen, Blair Habenicht, Austen Sweetin, Dave Marx, Josh Poehlein, Brendan Gerard, and all the homies.

Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey.