Think Thank’s Cool Story Premiere

Jesse Burtner Think Thank Cool Story Premiere

Burtner introducing the film. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Words: T. Bird

Saturday, July 18th, crammed in-between hundreds of sweaty campers, stoked counselors and important industry folk on High Cascade's skate ramps, I was treated to a visual masterpiece of outstanding proportions as Think Thank's Cool Story premiered for the very first time. The brainchild of legendary Northwest pro Jesse Burtner and Surrey, BC slayer Sean Genovese, Think Thank has produced (an educated estimate) 10 movies since its inception. That said, in regard to his tireless dedication to shredding, laughing, filming and editing his brains out, Burtner–in my opinion–is one of the most influential snowboarders of the modern-era. A North American David Benedek in his own right, Jesse tackles tasks as if he was Mike Singletary on PCP, and most importantly, he does it for all of you, with a smile on his face. So, go buy his movie. I promise that it will make you want to ride your snowboard. Now, on to the show.

Opening the film was short-legged yet tall-tee'd Ben Bogart. I love this kid, and always have, cause he is who he is and that's that. Not to mention his endless ability almost supercedes his incredible personality and I was personally hyped to see Bogie bag the beginning section, as he truly deserved it. If I were to list off the rest of the riders in order, I might be in the office until the wee hours of tomorrow morning, but a few names that stuck out were: Sam Hulbert, Chris Beresford (whose freshman offering was completely radical), Mark Thompson, Austin Hironaka, Pat Milbery, Matt Edgers, Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, Scott Stevens (who had less than half-a-part, yet still one of my favorite sections), Gus Engle (the most animated gypster of the bunch, the dude's part was awesome), Johnny Miller (who has strangely transitioned from man-wizard to metal head), Andre Spinelli, Sean Genovese, Burtner himself, and so many more. The ender ender went to Chris Larsen. This kid is seemingly unknown, but that is all about to change. Young boy charges hard and works for his footy, which is appreciated in today's video era (in my opinion), and the final part was deservedly handed to Chris due to his talent and work ethic.

From Thanks, Brain to Thunk, to last year's Stack Footy, Cool Story not only provides a buffet of boardin' trickery, it also themes itself as a story of a bunch of young, slightly underpaid kids who snowboard not for the fame and fortune that accompanies big budget film parts, magazine spreads and televised contest highlight reels, but simply because it's what makes them happy, and there's clearly no other choice than to continue to do what they're doing to stay stoked and keep smiling. And that's why, every year, I can't wait to wiggle my way into the HCSC skate setup and watch Think Thank's latest film as my ass and legs fall asleep and I limp away unable to stop thinking about how much fun the next day will be on the hill. Buy Think Thank’s Cool Story DVD Now!

Photo: Aaron Dodds

Photo: Aaron Dodds