Think Thanks: Episode 1 – Chris Beresford

Think Thank brings you “Think Thanks” a exclusive internet series featuring bonus footage from Think Thank’s “Ransack Rebellion”.

“Right after finishing ‘Ransack Rebellion’ I immediately started editing the ‘Think Thanks’ webisodes for I was having trouble getting motivated so I found myself sitting on the couch re-watching David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” on NetFlix. I love “Twin Peaks”, for those that don’t know it’s a TV show from the 80s that somehow made it on network television even though it’s super weird and as much avant guard art as it is television. I was bummed when I watched all two season’s and there was no more, so I made my own. The ‘Think Thanks’ web series is an homage to ‘Twin Peaks’ and a harkening for the days when programming of substance could still make it on the air. It’s also a fun way to get our extra footage out there in to the world. Pillage, create, destroy.” – Jesse Burtner

Episode 1: The first episode features Chris Beresford trying a switch double “kickflip” off some stairs in Alaska. Chris finds himself entering the black lodge where he must confront his demons. Good Chris went in, but who came out?

For the real deal action check out “Ransack Rebellion” available now at your local shop or on iTunes.

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