DOB: 6.24.80

Board: Capita Mid Life Lost

Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb, BC, Canada

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Capita, Union, Deeluxe, Defcon, Airblaster, The Source, Kicker Fucker Chicken


If you thought pro snowboarders having "pro shoes" was overkill then get a load of TJ Schnieder. While MFM, and MFR can kick it in signature kicks (like that has anything to do with how good they ride), TJ Schnieder has a pro model city! And not just any city, mind you. This Calgary-born regular footer has his name on the Bangkok of front BC, the South Of The Boarder Shanghai, the Montreal of Mexico. Yes ladies and gentlemen we're talking about Tijuana. That's right. In addition to creating art, filming, raising pet snakes, administering homemade tattoos and designing and riding Capita's Mid Life Photo series of boards, Schneider lends his name to that oh-so-awesome Disneyland for the depraved, Tijuana, Mexico. At least we like to think he does. Viva Adelitas!

TJ Schneider, Red Bull Gap Session. Photo: Daniel Blom

TJ Schneider, Red Bull Gap Session. Photo: Daniel Blom