To the far north, near the end of the road where western land butts against the Pacific Ocean, massive peaks rise up against the skyline, casting shadows on the cabin-speckled valleys beneath. At the base of these jagged alps lies endless stretches of Caesars, a proliferation of candy-colored money, and a line up of individuals, who, discontent with all summer heatwaves, tie up winter boots, grab boards, and load into gondolas and lifts to access a large swatch of snow high in the alpine. It is here, in the Whistler elevation, that sirens of Too Hard have spent the dog days of summer. Darrah Reid-Mclean, Danyale Patterson, Corinne Pasela, and Maria Thomsen have stacked some of their best clips yet for this glimpse into the lifestyle of the jibgurl, as they toiled under the British Columbia sun to snag shots. While the geographical spoils of Western Canada were out of reach for many of us during this warm season, this glimpse into the glacial endeavors of Too Hard satiates the need for snow for just a little longer.

Filmed by Seb Judge, Jordan Macdonald, Mat Wilkinson, and Danyale Patterson.