There’s a lot of strife and emotion that goes into filming snowboarding videos and for the Too Hard girls, the #struggleisreal. Over the past season, Danyale Patterson, Alexa McCarty, Corinne Pasela, Madison Blackley, Fancy Rutherford, Tove Holmgren, Caroline Degardh, and the rest of this hard charging crew threw down and captured both the highlights and the carnage. This is just the carnage, but the full Tres Hard movie will be dropping this fall on In the meantime, the Too Hard ladies need your help. In order to keep a steady supply of Jibgurlz edits, Too Hard has started a kickstarter to help with filming costs for the upcoming winter. Check out their Jib Gurl Support Fund Kickstarter page and make a donation in order to help these raucous chicks keep doing their thing. Red Gerard and Antwaun Dixon can’t be wrong.


From the ladies of Too Hard:

Will you be an angel for helpless jibgurlz? Every day, these girls are abused, beaten and neglected in the streets, and they're crying out for help. Please, join the JGSF (Jib Gurl Support Fund) with a one time donation right now. you'll help keep women's snowboarding alive, and provide medical care, food, shelter and love. Join online in the next thirty minutes and you'll receive a photo of an injured jibgurl. You can give them a second chance. Right now Too Hard needs you. Your support says, “I'm here to help.” Please click right now.