There are some items that customarily catch fire: wood, oil, dynamite, pants, candles, cigarettes. It’s their very nature to go up in smoke. This year the spirited femmes of Too Hard bring you It’s Lit. An ode to all that burns. Such a title is completely fitting for the Too Hard crew, a gang of girls who seem to have an inevitable prowess for sparking controversy and setting off firestorms across the expanses of the internet. Although their mystique is lacquered with near scandalous notoriety, these chicks have also garnered widespread respect. They are unapologetically brazen—but they are infinitely one-of-a-kind and their forward philosophy is quickly cementing them in snowboarding’s modern superstructure. Although the combination of racy ethics and dynamic personalities is a mainstay of the Too Hard luster, overall it’s the progressive riding and admirable abandon that maintains Too Hard’s ever-increasing eminence. You may not have a definitive opinion about the Too Hard credo, but the fact is that their cult is incontestably good: they get out, frequent rugged environments, and ride with savage skill—here’s a movie to prove it. Featuring Maria Hilde, Mary Luggen, Dina Treland, Danyale Patterson, Morgan Lynne, Madison Blackley, Jill Perkins, Marjorie Couturier, Joanie Robichaud, Desronique Verosiers, Kayli Hendricks, Fancy Rutherford, Maria Thomsen, and Corinne Pasela.