Torah Bright, Brighton, Utah. Photo: Jake McBride

Torah Bright, Brighton, Utah. Photo: Jake McBride


For pipe riders in a pre-Olympic year, it is all about the X Games and the US Open. Therefore, in 2009 it was all about Torah Bright, who repeated her 2008 championship run with victories in both events. Even riders who have at times appeared to have not given the fairer sex a fair shake have been illuminated by Bright's boarding. For example, JP Walker not only rode the whole season fakie, but also switched up his stance on women's riding, stating, "I am hyped on the stuff Torah Bright is doing in the pipe. Sick tech runs."

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Torah Bright’s full part from STANCE

“She is a babe with a pretty butt, and she has the sickest pipe runs!” Danny Davis –

Though she spent a majority of 2009 chasing the contest circuit, Bright left the bib behind on a handful of occasions to meet up with the Stance crew. What Torah's segment lacked in quantity it more than made up for in quality, featuring solid grabs, stomped landings, and a dominant display of technical trickery, including a BS 720 McTwist, alley-oop 540, and alley-oop BS rodeo.

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