Carlos Garcia Knight might have qualified the highest on the day, and he deserves a huge shoutout for the massive switch backside 1620, but Torgeir Bergrem dropped a hammer in his second run with a stylish switch backside five, complete with a tweaked out Method to cap it off, that sent the better part of the snowboard community into a jaw-drop scenario. We saw this trick go viral in @gimbalgod’s Instagram post from an X Games warmup run earlier this season, but to pull it on the Olympic stage in a heated qualifier was a true joy to watch. Due to usage rights, we had @gimbalgod (AKA our old intern Spencer Whiting) send us over the footage from his video so anyone that missed it can still enjoy the style oozing from Bergrem’s second drop.

Huge thanks to @pierrewikberg for tossing the Olympic version up on his gram as well!

“He'd been doing BS 3 to Methods for awhile and just thought of the idea to try it with a cork SW BS 5. In Saas Fee he gave it a try and stomped it first go. Hasn't f***** up since…”- Spencer Whiting.

And of course, here is the top qualifying drop from Carlos Garcia Knight! Good luck in finals and thanks for putting on a show.

Full qualifying results:
Heat 1 Qualifiers:
Max Parrot – 92.50
Niklas Mattsson – 90.00
Kyle Mack – 88.75
Chris Corning — 88.00
Michael Schaerer — 87.00
Red Gerard — 85.00

Heat 2 Qualifiers:
Carlos Garcia Knight — 97.50
Jonas Boesiger — 96.00
Mark McMorris — 95.75
Torgeir Bergrem — 94.25
Seb Toots — 91.00
Billy Morgan — 90.50