For the past eight years, a group of enthusiastic, creative, and die-hard Bachelor locals have ended the season with what may be the most massive display of good, old fashioned partyboarding that goes down each season. Shorts & Shades has gone from a few friends letting the knees breathe and protecting their eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and has grown into a massive celebration of winter, of hanging with the homies, and of snowboarding. It’s an event that is the reason FOMO and the phrase “you had to be there” exist, though not in a remotely elitist way–it’s just that sick. Shorts & Shades is collaborative and welcoming and each year, as the posse increases in size, the awesomeness multiplies exponentially, too. Presenting Tre Squad’s Shorts & Shades 8, in which the madness continues and everyone’s shins are exposed.

Max Warbington, one of the gentleman who created this snowboarding celebration, explains what makes Shorts & Shades great:

The magic of Shorts & Shades comes from the people involved. In the beginning, it was just a few friends up there wearing shorts and boarding their hearts out. It stayed pretty low key for a few years, but the more we did it, the more word spread and more people started to come up and get involved. The original one-day event turned into over a week of filming and our small group of friends turned into a mob of 100+ rippers who wanted nothing more then to have a blast and maybe do something crazy enough to make the video.

Sadly, the mountain does not exactly “support” what goes on during the closing few days (I mean who can blame them). This year we couldn’t get as crazy as we wanted, so we had to change it up and do a session after the mountain had closed. As you will see in the video, tons of badass kids showed up and it was absolutely insane! Shorts & Shades is the perfect way to cap off the season; we all go up with the same stoke, we all shred together, we all laugh at each other eating shit, we all film each other, and we all party together.  very year I try to sum up how awesome Shorts & Shades truly is and every year I fall short. You really just gotta come out and see for yourself!

Peace, Love & Tre Squad,
Max Warbington

Featuring Will Dennis, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Lucas Wachs, Destry Serna, Dill, Ben Struase, Tanner Annichiarico, Kyle, Stratton Matteson, Canyon Willis, Conner Turney, Wiley Jones, Tyler Orton, Demitre Bales, Nathan Jacobson, Jared Elston, Kent Callister, Jake Selover, BRENT, Trenton Bliesner, Randal Seaton, Justin Sampson, Myles Franceschina, Juan Baker and a bunch more savages.