Trick Tip: FS 180 Switch Wallride With Zak Hale

SNOWBOARDER is bringing you a series of how-to snowboard videos to help fill up that bag of tricks, and help you learn how to ride that snowboard a little better.

For this trick tip Zak Hale breaks down how to do a FS 180 Switch Wallride. In case you are deaf, the steps are listed below. Good luck.

1. Approach the wall at a comfortable speed, enough to get up onto the wallride.
2. When you take off, get your noes up over the wall.
3. Once you bring your board around for the full 180 slam your feet against the wallride.
4. When you see the end of the wall pop out to the landing.
5. Scream like Austin Hironaka.
6. Ride away clean.