The winter swell is well on its way in Wisconsin and all of the humans of Trollhaugen have began the yearly slaughter of steel and snow in Dresser. Episode 2.2 of this year’s Human on Board continues the barrage of jibs and tranny finders put down by this illustrious band of boarders as they proffer proper tricks, acroamatic maneuvers, and Gooner-inspired rail shivers(?)…just to name a few. In addition to the tow-rope driven park laps that instill an uncanny breed of snowboarding ability among Troll’s local population, the Burton crew came to town in mid-December for the first stop of Burton Qualifiers: Whales & Rails. Total decimation of the set up went down, and as the snow settled, Ryan Paul emerged victorious. In just five minutes, this episode of Humans on Board further showcases the rarefied talents the crew at Troll possesses and we can’t stop watching.