Over the past few seasons the locals of Midwest resort Trollhaugen have been making noise with a Wisconsin-bred brand of snowboarding that’s heavy on tech tricks and steeped in good style. Trollhaugen is a breeding ground for shreds that eat rails for breakfast; the Valhalla park is loaded with creativity, both in specific features and also in layout and the result is a local snowboarding population that drops in, throws down, and rides away from consistently impressive trickery. This season, we’re stoked to announce a brand new video series with Trollhaugen entitled Human on Board which will ensure that you have a solid dose of riding at Troll throughout the winter, no matter what region you reside in. Episode 1 is loaded with hammers, featuring James Frederick, Erick Dummer, Chad Otterstrom, Sam Schiltgen, Zach Zajac, Luke Zajac, Sam Bakken, Austin Young, Jeffy Gabrick, Logan Herber, Kyle Kennedy, Kayli Hendricks, Colin Wilson, Mike Skiba, and Tony Wagner. Enjoy the premiere episode of Human on Board and stay tuned for more. Skol!