It’s party boarding at its finest as the springtime weather softens up the snow in Wisconsin and the crew at Trollhaugen gets in as many laps as possible before the lifts stop turning. From near and far, Troll’s favorite riders have been showing up and throwing down for this Reunion, taking runs and putting their unique spin on some of the Midwest’s finest rails. Episode 5.1 of Human on Board collects a heap of talented boarders, including Ethan Deiss, Kayli Hendricks, Jesse Paul, Boody, Colin Wilson, Oliver Dixon, Jeffy Gabrick, Blake Geis, Jake Devries, Tony Wagner, Tanner Seymour, Nick Irwin, Cody Beiersdorf, Hunter Murphy, Grady Tank, Cullen Bernklau, Sam Bakken, Sam Schlitgen, Logan Herber, Drew Poganski, Luke Zajac, Cole Linzmeyer, Kyle Kennedy, and Ryan Paul. So sit back and enjoy this crew as they send it in the blue and yellow sunset at Troll. Enjoy.

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