While scientists have yet to examine what it is that makes Trollhaugen, Wisconsin a breeding ground for deadly rail riding, we’re pretty sure it has something to do with the dutiful Troll park crew, who maintain an legion of jumps, jibs, and tranny on which the local humans hone their craft. If you aren’t lucky enough to live within driving distance of this park mecca, Human on Board is not only a way to live vicariously through accessible Troll laps, but also to see how high the bar of park shred is being raised. Suffice to say, this edition of Trollhaugen’s Human on Board is real sick. The style-soaked snowboarding is artfully edited and, while this won’t be the last time we will say this, as every time a new HOB drops, it once again impresses, but Clocked In may well be our favorite to date. We won’t waste any of your time with more words, just watch.